Free Swahili lessons!

So I just hit the ‘100 likes’ mark the other day on my facebook page and of course am very very grateful. I thought of the best way to show some love to my readers/listeners/subscribers/followers and decided on giving away FREE in-depth Swahili lessons for 6 weeks to 2 lucky people (via skype of course).

Anybody of any proficiency level and from anywhere can put their name forward.

How it’s gonna work:

Leave a comment on this post or on my facebook page and for the shy ones you can e-mail me ( or send me a facebook message . In a month’s time, I will randomly pick 2 names by manually noting down all the names on little pieces of paper, mix them up and…you know the drill.

1 month left so good luck everyone! Kila la kheri! (And againasanteni sana!’)

LESSON #30: How to say “I want to do something” in Swahili

Sentence structure: Ninataka + verb inf.

Sample sentence: I want to eat- Ninataka kula (chakula)

I want to say something……………..ninataka kusema kitu/jambo

I want to pay for a room………..ninataka kulipia chumba Read More

LESSON #25: Names of clothes/clothing (majina ya mavazi)

ClothesMavazi (Vazi)








                             Suruali Read More

LESSON #24: Common fruit names (majina ya matunda)

  • FruitTunda (sing.); Matunda (pl.)
  • All the plurals are in brackets and for those with no plural none is given…
  • Audio hasn’t been updated unfortunately as I trust ya’ll are pretty good with your pronunciation!


                                      Chungwa (Machungwa)

embe                                                                                         Embe (Maembe)




                                              Tufaha (Matufaha) Read More

LESSON #23: Learn Swahili vocabulary with pictures #5

dar road
(photo courtesy of “jijiladar”)

Words to learn: baiskeli, mwendesha baiskeli, begi la mgongoni, majengo (jengo), vioo (kioo) Read More