LESSON #36: Learn Swahili vocabulary with pictures…#7

Tanzania ladies

Words to learn: pekupeku, kanga, mbeleko, vikapu (kikapu), kata, vilima (kilima)

Click on the link below to find out what the above words refer to in the picture…

EPISODE 32: Learn new Swahili vocabulary with pictures #7.

Tunda Man’s ‘Dem Sio’


Something to start off your weekend with! Love love the dancing 😉

Dem or demu is Tanzanian Swahili slang for  ‘woman’ or ‘girl’ so the title ‘Dem sio’ (which means not this woman) is referring to the fact that the particular woman in question is not a good woman, she’s all about money and material things!

LESSON #35: Hadithi, Hadithi…#1 (Kiama cha Mkopaji)

Hadithi, hadithi” is the phrase most Swahili story tellers use when they start telling a story (‘hadithi’ just means story) & that’s why I named this segment just that.

Kiama Cha Mkopaji

Hapo zamani za kale palikuwa na mzee mmoja aitwae Kanyawi ambaye alihamia kijiji cha Ntenga kutoka Usambaani. Read More