Niko ‘Bize’ sana!


Samahanini wasomaji wangu ila nimebanwa sana na shughuli, vijana wa mjini wanasema ‘niko bize kishenzi’! Nikishatulia, inshallah, Fun Lugha itarudi hewani, msiwe na hofu.


(my apologies to my dear readers but I am really swamped with work, as the young city folks would say ‘I am busy like hell!’ When all calms down, God willing, Fun Lugha will be back online, fret not!)

LESSON #65: Methali…#5

‘Mpanda ngazi, hushuka’

This methali’s literal translation is something like ‘he who goes up a ladder, comes down’ whose English equivalent would be ‘what goes up must come down’.

This kind of proverb would be used in a situation whereby a certain someone has it all and treats people however he wishes thinking he’ll always be in a superior position. But as you know life can be funny and chances are one day he won’t be in that position any longer, Read More