Mwaka mpya nao…

Well, heri ya mwaka mpya, happy new year to you all. We have quite a while to go before midnight here in Dar but we are praying the Good Lord will be kind to us once again! 2013 was the take off year for me and Fun-Lugha and 10 months down the line I gotta say I ain’t doing too shabby! Thanks to my readers, regular ones (I see you @Boga and @Joyce Keeley!) and the not so regular ones. And to my students, Read More

LESSON #68: Spices in Swahili (viungo)


So I came across different spices’ names on this amazing site for Swahili dishes and since am usually rubbish at food names and stuff I thought I’d share. This is especially for food lovers like myself who like their spices but wouldn’t know what to ask for if they wanted to purchase any in TZ. Note that in Dar, the place to go is definitely Kariakoo market, I’ll do a post on it at some point, this place is a haven of spices, as well as all kinds of foods in general.

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krismasi hiyooo…

Haya jamani, sikukuu ndo’ hiyoo yajongea au tuseme ishafika. Je, mna mipango gani krismasi hii? Kusema ukweli mimi sina, kwa sababu mimi si mtu wa kutoka na kwenda ‘kujivinjari’ kama wasemavyo vijana wa siku hizi (I know, boo!) Ila natumaini nyote mna mipango kabambe kabisa ya kukata na shoka, si mnajua tena, unaishi mara moja tu! Ila naomba niwasihi  Read More

5 things to keep in mind whilst in Dar…

1. Its hot, I mean you go outside and get seriously roasted! I wasn’t kidding when I said ‘hili joto hasira!’ Solution: an ice cold drink is your best friend, keep one with you at all times; a handkerchief too, lest you want to sweat like a pig!

2. Traffic is wild, ridiculous even! Solution:give yourself 2-3 hours to reach your destination and just incase you happen to arrive sooner-just say ‘Alhamdulilahi!’ and start preparing for next day’s traffic, no way you are gonna get lucky twice!

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Translation Challenge #5… (swa-eng)

Hivi majuzi nilitembelea duka la kampuni moja maarufu ya simu hapa Dar maeneo ya kwetu, ili nisaidiwe kupata huduma ya mtandao wa intaneti. Wafanyakazi niliowakuta kwa kweli walikuwa ni wavumilivu na wachangamfu sana. Walinipa huduma ya hali ya juu mpaka nikajisikia kweli mimi ni mfalme (kama usemavyo msemo maarufu kuwa “mteja ni mfalme”). Read More

Mimi ni Mzalendo! (Buriani Madiba)


I’m in a patriotic mood all thanks to our dear ‘Presidaa‘ Mr. Kikwete a.k.a. JK.  Granted I ain’t his biggest fan or his party for that matter but I gotta say I was impressed with his speech at Madiba’s funeral-kudos to the writer and his delivery of cuz! Thought he’d be upstaged by the very charismatic Read More

LESSON #67: Methali…#6

Kutoa ni moyo si utajiri

This methali rang very true for me last week on my way to Mombasa. First off the literal translation is: ‘giving is heart not wealth’. Which just means that you don’t give because you are rich, rather because you are generous enough to share whatever little you have with someone else. 

So here I was on my way to Mombasa via Tanga when our bus broke down just 2 hours shy of reaching Tanga. Read More

Hili joto hasira!


As the famous Tanzanian songstress, Lady Jay Dee sang, Dar is really hot, almost to the point that am beginning to miss Scotland in all it’s wet & cold glory 😉

And as am finally beginning to settle down I will be back to doing what I do best so a bit more patience will be duly rewarded-vuteni subira ndugu zangu!

Nimefurahi sana kurudi nyumbani, kama wasemavyo Waswahili, “nyumbani ni nyumbani hata kama kichakani”

Tuonane punde