Translation Challenge #7…(And the winner is…)


Kutoka kushoto ni Nico, katikati ni Lewis na kulia ni Sebastian.
Na mshindi ni Lewis Hamilton! Hongera Lewis, hongera Mercedes! Sebastian jaribu tena 😉

Ferooz’ ‘Starehe’

The song is obviously a message and warning about HIV AIDS (UKIMWI) and all its cousins. The video is pretty much self explanatory. Starehe means enjoyment, pleasure….etc. Fitting message to start off the weekend, happy Furahi Day!


LESSON #85: Kupiga…

The verb kupiga can be used in combination with different nouns to mean many things. The verb itself means to hit or beat.


The list is pretty much inexhaustible so here’s a couple of phrases:

  • Kupiga mswaki  

    – to brush one’s teeth

  • Kupiga simu 

    – to make a phone call

  • Kupiga kelele 

    – to shout/scream

  • Kupiga domo – to talk (and talk, and talk…)
  • Kupiga makofi – to clap
  • Kupiga ngoma 

    – to beat/play drums Read More

LESSON #83: Doing the Math in Swahili (yikes!)


Yeahs considering this particular subject and I don’t get along, even am surprised by this post! Last time I learnt Maths in Swahili was close to 20 years ago-just keep that in mind!
There’s no structure to this just me throwing around some Maths related words your way and if anybody finds them useful…you are welcome! Read More

LESSON #82: Family Members~Part II (audio update)

Continuing on with upgrading previous topics, today we cover Family Members (wana familia). So picking up from here, we finish with:

  • Bibi mzaa mama/baba – Maternal/Paternal grandma

  • Babu mzaa mama/baba –Maternal/Paternal granddad

  • Mjomba (wajomba) – mom’s brother, (younger or older), uncle in general, niece, nephew

  • Baba mkubwa (baba wakubwa) – Dad’s older brother

  • Baba mdogo (baba wadogo) – Dad’s younger brother

  • Shangazi (mashangazi) – Dad’s sister (also anyone old enough to be an aunt-mostly middle aged ladies)

Read More


Continuing on from the first lesson on sounds a few days ago, here’s a brand new sound to improve your matamshi (pronunciation) even further.
The sound is dh-. This is an extremely easy one. It of cuz has an English equivalent found in words such as Read More

(UPDATED) LESSON #80: Swahili with lyrics…#01 (Zuwena)


I kept promising to do it so today without even planning to just downloaded this tune and started listening to and writing the lyrics so as to present the very first “Swahili with lyrics segment”. Not sure how often I’ll be posting this so we’ll just play it by ear.

This first tune is as much a classic as a classic can be and the singer, Marijani Rajabu, is an absolute legend in Tanzania. He’s unfortunately passed on but of cuz his legacy is huge. Read More

LESSON #79: Swahili Sounds #1 (“ch-“)

Am gonna try and cover all the common, important Swahili sounds so as to help you with your pronunciation of the different Swahili words you come across. Some sounds are more or less similar to their English counterparts eg. b, m, n, t etc. So we’ll ignore these and concentrate on the not so common ones.

As noted when I covered vowels, Swahili sounds’ best characteristic is their consistency, Read More