LESSON #78: Colors (Rangi)~Part II

Picking up right from where we left off in Lesson #16, here’s more colors for a complete feel. And below this is the audio bit which will explain more about these colors’ names and how they came about… → -1656″ class=”Read More -link”>Read More

LESSON #77: Je wajua? (#9)

Je wajua there’s words whose spelling  difference is only one letter but the meanings are like day and night? Of course you do as am sure all languages have such words. It’s the same in Swahili so let’s look at the words kula & kura for today.

What do they mean?…  → -1677″ class=”Read More -link”>Read More

Tumehamia huku…

Welcome to the new (and hopefully much improved) FL, karibuni sana! Much thanks to one kind stranger who made all this possible, nakushukuru sana ndugu yangu.
If you’ve got any suggestions regarding some better looking and more attractive themes, do share-I wont take any offense!
And I hope you all look forward to the best Swahili learning experience on the web-peace!

(Why am I posting a tune? Cuz am happy!)