Heri ya mwaka mpya 2016!

Well it’s a bit weird saying this 4 months later but better late than never hey?!! My last post was on new years and the next one coming more than a year later is a bit concerning to be honest!

I’ve been away doing other things-language related. I still teach here and there but mostly I’ve been running my language services company, Fun-Lugha, that I started almost 2 years ago. I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing freelancers providing services to all sorts of clients, big and small.

But since it all started here, I figured it’s time i came back! Can’t promise I’ll be posting as regularly as I used to but post I will. If anyone has questions, topics they’d like covered, etc just hit me up and I’ll be sure to work on them.

funlughaswahili is back and this time I think its back for good!