(Fun) Swahili Learning Recommendations

So a regular ‘lurker’ (ha ha!) on this site contacted me a few months ago suggesting things to include on here as well as recommending a very popular Tanzanian TV program as a Swahili learning tool. The program is called ‘Siri ya Mtungi’ and it’s been around for more than 3 years now and has been receiving very good reviews.

Now if anyone knows how effective learning a language via TV programs can be that would be me! I am a self confessed K-Drama addict (don’t judge me he he!) and thanks to my many years of watching Korean dramas I can confidently say you cannot talk behind my back, in Korean that is-I will certainly hear you and clearly understand! This is all thanks to my serious addiction to not only Korean dramas but music, variety shows-u name it, I’ve watched it!

Anyways my point is, there’s no better way to learn a language than by accident i.e. you just tend to pick up words, phrases, sentence structures and before you know it you don’t even need subtitles anymore. that’s how yours truly has been learning and perfecting my Korean all this time.

So, take it from me (and my good friend Nico) and give the program a try, if it happens not to be your kind of thing well there’s other programs out there and am hoping one is just right for you.

Below is episode 1 from season 1 and you can just continue on from there.

And do get back to me with your comments, feedback, questions etc, I’ll be more than happy to discuss/help.

Happy watching!

Tanzania’s New President

Well well am a bit late to the party but unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 8 months or so, you must have heard of our (charismatic?) new president. I do include a question mark because really the jury is still out as far as what kind of president he really is, is concerned.

But say what you may the man sure is different from all the presidents we’ve had so far. In fact some are going as far as comparing him to the great son of Africa that is Julius Nyerere, our first president. Not like he also didn’t have his issues but as far as good governance goes he was the best we had had, till President (Doc) John Pombe Magufuli came along. Yes we are not expecting miracles within days, neither are we expecting to be on the level of Singapore by the time he’s finished his 1 or 2 terms but we are hopeful and that’s a good place to be. No leader has ever given us this much hope for a better future like he has. No leader has ruled with an iron fist like he has dared to and of course his biggest critics would be those who before were ‘untouchable’ but for us common folk, he’s like the 2nd coming of the Messiah and we are really excited to see what else he has up his sleeves. From kutumbua majipu (getting rid of boils which are representative of the long term issues our country has had eg. corruption), to cancelling public holidays and allocating the money that would have been used elsewhere to banning unnecessary foreign travel by our leaders (as well as reserving first class seats to the top 3 leaders only-himself, VP and PM), he just keeps giving us more and more hope of a brighter future as days go by.

So here’s to our brand new president, to his good health, sound mind and consistent way of ruling this great country of ours-hapa kazi tu! (we only work here and nothing else). God bless Tanzania, God bless Africa!

Am interested in everyone’s thoughts though, what do you think of our new president, jury’s still out or….do share below