Dar Ice Cream Masters!

So am starting this new segment rightly titled maakuli na mapochopocho which simply refers to mouth watering, finger licking food & desserts and where to get them. I love my food, I think I spend more money going to nice restaurants and places selling food than buying girly things like bags and shoes-ideal woman hey?!! 😉 🙂 I know there’s plenty of foodies out there so this is especially for us! As I live in Dar and hardly ever get to travel outside the city, I can only talk about places in Dar, sadly.

Dar is certainly not lacking as far as places to eat are concerned-ni mfuko wako tu! Fast food chains have recently also started opening branches here and I can see us soon becoming an obese nation he he! (touch wood).

Today I went to Sno-Cream in the city centre. Boy does this place have history! Apparently they’ve been in business for over 50 years-they are as old as Tanzania is in fact! Funny enough I always used to hear people talk about it growing up but it’s only today, decades later, that I finally went to check them out. The place is small and cosy and also has an outside seating area. They have all sorts of sweet goodies-sundaes, shakes, even juices and hot drinks like drinking chocolate. I certainly am no fan of sweet things-I prefer salty, fried stuff, but once in a while I do like to indulge my sweet cravings, and they did me justice. I randomly ordered a coffee shake-yummy, refreshing, made just right. Forgot to take a proof shot but took a few shots of the actual place instead. Many people have very fond memories of this place-as can be seen on the walls.


So, if you are feeling naughty and looking to indulge yourself, then do visit this place next time you are in Dar-calories be damned!

Have you been to Sno-Cream? When’s the first time you ever visited them and what’s your favourite thing to get? Do share in the comments section below, cheers!



LESSON #104: Je, wajua? (#13)

First of all, we are back and this time for good-yay!

Onto the lesson, as you may or may not know Swahili is mainly made up of Arabic vocabulary and also in small part vocabulary borrowed from other languages mainly English (the name of the language itself is Arabic, Sahil, meaning coast). But generally Swahili tends to borrow from numerous languages and that I have managed to prove over the years as I’ve been teaching students who speak different languages.

I knew a couple of words that were from other languages but the other day I was teaching a class about N class nouns (which as you may or may not know are mostly borrowed nouns i.e. from other languages). Funny thing is when I started listing common nouns my students kept telling me the meaning even before I asked and it turns out not only do we borrow lots of words from Arabic & English but Indian languages as well (mostly Gujarati).

Now here’s the thing, most English words can be ‘Swahilinized’ by adding an I at the end (as a suffix), this is usually done for words ending in a consonant, however if they end in a vowel then the ‘Swahilinization’ is slightly different. So if you are ever in a fix it’s ok (but not encouraged) to ‘Swahilinize’ whatever English word you need to use (all my students get really excited when I tell them this-lazy mode activated ha ha!)

So this is more of an FYI post, am gonna list a number of words that we have managed to borrow from other languages and if you happen to know of others please add them on the comment section. This list is by no means exhaustive and will probably get updated from time to time. Excuse the apparent ignorance but am just gonna classify all Indian origin languages under ‘Indian’ which I know is not a language but hopefully you get what I mean.


Bendera – flag 





Shule – school

Helacoin/s (although generally it just means money)


Motokaa motorcar

Koti coat











Bunduki gun, rifle

Memsabu – madam 

Dawa medicine 

Chupabottle/glass used to make bottles






Sandukutrunk, suitcase, box 




Sita, Saba, Tisasix, seven ,nine

By the way I like to give due credit so instead of sounding oh so knowledgeable (ha ha!) here’s a big list of more Swahili words of Arabic origin


Sorry Post: Website issues


So yeahs my host (is that what you call them?) one.com has been having issues this past week and as a result my little blog hasn’t been accessible for over a week now-bummer! They assure me it’s gonna be fixed soonest but after a week my faith in them is really starting a slow steady nosedive-am not the most patient person in the world but since I just renewed my subscription with them a couple of months ago apparently I’ve no choice but to wait!

Poleni sana and hopefully we’ll be back soon (all possible body parts crossed!)

Happy 4th anniversary to funlughaswahili-long live!!!

So the website’s been down this past couple of days and I was getting really antsy trying to get my host to sort me out. Well they did and just in time for our 4th anniversary too-yay!

Can’t believe it’s been 4 years already like where did the time go?!! I remember sitting on my bed in my sister’s house in Glasgow and having to tell her to shush it cuz I was about to record another audio lesson-using her laptop! She would laugh-as all good sisters are wont to do, and I would always tell her this is what am gonna for work from now on! Sure enough 4 years down the line and I am so chuffed that this little Swahili teaching blog has led to the creation of the biggest language service provider database in the region, Fun-Lugha, which has also become my full time job-well done me ha ha!

So am hoping to keep continuing doing this for the next many years and get more and more people learning my beautiful language that is Swahili.

Asanteni sana & please keep coming back to ‘longa nami Kiswahili’