5 things to keep in mind whilst in Dar…

1. Its hot, I mean you go outside and get seriously roasted! I wasn’t kidding when I said ‘hili joto hasira!’ Solution: an ice cold drink is your best friend, keep one with you at all times; a handkerchief too, lest you want to sweat like a pig!

2. Traffic is wild, ridiculous even! Solution:give yourself 2-3 hours to reach your destination and just incase you happen to arrive sooner-just say ‘Alhamdulilahi!’ and start preparing for next day’s traffic, no way you are gonna get lucky twice!


3. If you cannot afford to waste the above mentioned hours on the road, fear not, ‘vibajaji’ and ‘bodaboda’ are always right around the corner and for a relatively cheap fare too. Be warned though, if you are one to worry about road safety (as you rightly should) be sure to bring your own helmet:no one’s gonna give you one, this is Dar, ‘watu wanajifanya wajuaji sana!’ Am embarassed to say this but TZians aren’t the most road safety conscious of people, which is a dying shame if you ask me -pun definitely intended!

Fact: you won’t catch me dead in a bodaboda, ‘afadhali tu nihangaike na daladala!’



4. Having power is a privilege and power cuts should be expected anytime, without warning. Solution: keep your gadgets reasonably charged at all times. As per the laws of nature power tends to be cut just when you are about  to check that important email you’ve been waiting for all day!

5. There are no fixed prices, all prices depend on your bargaining prowess. So be sure your basic Swahili is up to speed and bargain on!

All in all, ‘karibuni Dar’ 😉

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