About Me…

Mimi ni Nani? (who am I?)
I am a native Swahili speaker, born and raised in Tanzania. I went to school in Kenya where I unfortunately adopted the notorious sheng’ speak which took me forever to get rid of once I realized just how much proper Swahili I’d managed to forget (thanks Kenya!) I also lived in the UK for a number of years but eventually ended back in Dar. Whilst studying abroad, I’ve worked my fair share of not so interesting jobs (as most foreign students are wont to do) but the moment I discovered tutoring I knew it’s what I wanted to do for the longest time…and here we are!

Why do I run this website? First off I got the idea from TalkToMeInKorean, a brilliant website that teaches about all things Korean-free of charge, so I figured I could do the same since I learnt most of the Korean I know from them, PIF you could call it. And of course not everyone can afford to pay for lessons, not so much because one doesn’t have the means to do it but because they don’t have the time for it. That’s where Fun-Lugha comes in. For people really interested in learning, they can come here and learn atleast the basics in their own time. They also get to learn a number of things about Swahili speaking countries, particularly Tanzania, and our culture. It’s also for the benefit of my students and all other Swahili students who get to supplement what they learn with what’s on here.

So I hope you bookmark, subscribe to and follow Fun-Lugha and come back time and time again kulonga nami Kiswahili.
Ps: 3 brilliant teachers inspire me to continue doing what I do; KulManSam Mpasua Msonobari & The talktomeinkorean Team (legends!)

Teaching at FL:

I unofficially started FL in 2007 teaching Swahili (and sometimes English) as a Foreign Language. I teach in person for Dar students and online, for my students abroad.

To make the learning experience fun and memorable, I incorporate interesting means some of which you’ll discover when you go through the different lesson posts on here.

As my availability is very flexible, students can learn in their own time and at their own pace, there is no requirement for fixed schedules or long term commitments-all lessons are on a pay as you go basis, unless the student prefers otherwise.

Who I’ve Worked with:

Languages I Speak:

  • Ninazungumza Kiswahili fasaha
  • I speak fluent English
  • 나 는 약간의 한국어를 (‘lower-intermediate’ level)

  • Je parle un peu francais (‘upper-basic’ level)

Student Feedback:

As seen on my profile page on a tutoring website I’m registered at.

They too don’t think am too shabby!

(If you have any queries regarding learning Swahili with me, do click here and ask away!)

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