Tumehamia huku…

Welcome to the new (and hopefully much improved) FL, karibuni sana! Much thanks to one kind stranger who made all this possible, nakushukuru sana ndugu yangu.
If you’ve got any suggestions regarding some better looking and more attractive themes, do share-I wont take any offense!
And I hope you all look forward to the best Swahili learning experience on the web-peace!

(Why am I posting a tune? Cuz am happy!)

Tanzanians’ ‘Interesting’ Naming Habits

If 10 Tanzanians gathered in one place, I can assure you atleast one’s name is bound to blow your mind-literally!

We are not known for our English language prowess but I think someone somewhere went to great lengths to teach us lots of English nouns and we learnt them, loved them and just ran wild with the newly acquired knowledge. Read More

Free Swahili Lessons (happy birthday FL!)

Looks like Fun-Lugha will be a year old (yay!) in 2 days (or is that 1 day since its practically 12am in EA). So in true FL style we are celebrating with a couple of freebies-ok just 1 freebie actually! As usual it is the free Swahili lessons but this time the rules are changing a bit and for reasons best kept to myself (you can ask me privately if really curious!) I’ll only be offering this Read More

Siku ya Wapendanao (Valentines Day)

Well Valentines Day only made its way to our side of the world around the mid 90s, not that nobody paid any mind to it, just that such people were in the minority. And it wasnt until sometimes after the turn of the century that people really started to cash in on the concept-love & money, forever inseparable hey?!

So anyways if you need to express yourself today and have no idea how to go about it Read More

Fun~Lugha is moving! (#progress!)

So we’ll soon be a year old and what better way to celebrate that than moving to a brand new domain name with hopefully brand new features! How soon will that be? Well as soon as I can make sense of all the mumbo jumbo disguised as ‘easy to follow instructions’-ha! easy indeed! Read More

Dar- Must visit (So says the NY Times!)

So this is what the NY Times had to say about Dar when it placed it 39th among the top 53 places to visit in the world in 2014.

“On the African coast, music thrives in a commercial capital.

Tanzania may be best known for the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and the game-packed plains of the Serengeti, but the real pulse of the country is found in its largest city, Dar es Salaam. Read More

Taste of Tanzania (tamu sana!)


I came across the above article on a local newspaper and had to share. That’s because I frequently visit this lady’s website (http://www.tasteoftanzania.com) and her recipes are beyond amazing. Read More

Hii ni ya kuanzia mwaka…cheza bila kukunja goti!

So yeahs, again happy new year, just a post to prove my making it into 2014 😉 ‘Mimi nimeuona, nyinyi je?’ (I have seen it, what about you guys?)

So in the spirit of celebration, here’s one of Bongo Flava’s top hits for last year titled “cheza bila kukunja goti” which means:

Read More