Heri ya siku yangu ya kuzaliwa!!!

So yeahs it’s that special day for me, another year older…only 21 I am (ha!)

My ‘dada‘ got me a ‘keki’ and brought it all the way from London but it didn’t quite survive the ‘safari‘ unfortunately and this is all we could salvage…….

BALIStill very grateful for yet another ‘mwaka’, nashukuru! ‘Inshallah‘, I’ll be doing a similar post next year.



(First person to tell me what those Swahili words mean might just score free Swahili lessons with me…say 5 intense hourly lessons?!!)

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8 Responses to Heri ya siku yangu ya kuzaliwa!!!

  1. Joyce says:

    Hongera sana na furahi siku ya kuzaliwa! Nashangaa kwamba dada yako amekuletea keki kutoka mbali sana, lazima akupende sana. Ikiwezekana ningependa kupata masaa matano bure kwa kujua maana ya maneno haya:
    Dada – older sister
    Keki – cake
    Safari – trip
    Mwaka – year
    Nashukuru – I am grateful
    Inshallah – God willing

  2. lisensei07 says:

    Hongera Joyce! Masaa matano ya bure ni yako! Akhsante kwa kushiriki na nitawasiliana nawe kupitia ‘barua pepe’

  3. zestcube says:

    Hongera!! 🙂 Thanks to gooddrama I found your website.. Mimi pia nimezaliwa Tanzania.. lakini its a shame that i can’t speak swahili fluently due to a lack of practice – i know its weird saying this but no-one around me speaks Swahili but i am intent on mastering it..

    Your website is amazing to go through.. Even though I know all the words [I did Swahili literature in School but never used to speak as “Everyone” would laugh at my accent and pronunciation]…

    But like yourself, I love learning languages… I also speak Korean and can understnad Japanese!! I know a few other languages too and I am also currently learning Arabic!!

    By the ways, where are you currently? In Tanzania.. And what do you do?

    Hwaiting with your website!! 🙂

  4. lisensei07 says:

    Kamsahamnida! Always nice to meet a language enthusiast like myself and I hope your Swahili learning ventures go well! Am in the UK at the moment and teaching languages is what I do. Btw wow! Japanese? Very jealous here, I’ve been learning for the longest time but still……! Hope you keep coming back and subscribe too while ur at it 😉
    ‘Dangsindo, hwaiting!’

  5. Keith says:

    A bit late to the party but happy belated birthday! New to your blog-I love it!

  6. lisensei07 says:

    Thank you and ‘asante sana’ for subscribing!

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