Je, umelewa, umeelewa au umeolewa?

Got you good didn’t I?!

So that’s 3 totally different verbs that for your sake I pray you never get  mixed up, otherwise- trouble!

Kulewa‘ is what happens when you have had one too many! So for me who only sticks to the juices and the fantas (and the teas!) my answer to the above question will always be, “hapana, sijalewa”.

Kuelewa‘ is simlpy ‘to understand.’ Again for me who considers herself quite blessed in the brains department (ha!) my answer is usually, “ndio, nimeelewa”.

Kuolewa‘ is ‘to tie the note,’ which is, however, specific to only women (hands up, how would a man say “I am married”?). Sadly (or is that lucky?!) for me, my answer is still, “hapana, sijaolewa.”

Of cuz I cannot emphasize enough just why you should be careful to listen and hear the right thing lest you find yourself in some ‘interesting’ predicaments!


(A big shout out ‘kwa mwanafunzi wangu mpendwa’ whose question inspired this post, thanks G!)


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2 Responses to Je, umelewa, umeelewa au umeolewa?

  1. kshuck2 says:

    Kumsaidia mwalimu: I think for kuolewa you mean to say “tie the knot” 🙂

  2. fun~lugha says:

    No, because tying the knot can be used for both the man or the woman, no? In this case though, this is strictly for the woman. Something along the lines of being owned by the man-there goes gender equality 😉

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