Kombe la dunia! (Funlugha’s first Swahili books giveaway!)

So it’s that season again when men pretty much take over the remote and if they are unfortunate enough to be living with no nonsense ladies then it’s the season where they pretty much spend all their after work hours at the corner pub. Kombe la dunia literally means the (big) cup of the world a.k.a the world cup. I remember watching my very first world cup in 1994-USA. Then I missed France ’98 and Korea 2002 because I was in boarding school-boo! After that, I havent missed a single one and this year won’t be any different.

Only problem is the timings, so for example today’s match starts at 11pm EAT-which means we’ll be watching matches way past our bedtimes-I feel sorry for all the employers out there, the excuses people are gonna be coming up with in order to miss work 😉

And in the spirit of kombe la dunia am giving away 3 Swahili teaching books for free. One of which is the highly recommended Simplified Swahili and the other 2 are Swahili phrase books for the tourist needing to navigate their way around Swahili land or anybody else looking to learn some useful basic phrases.All you have to do is subscribe to my blog (I could seriously do with more subscribers!) and leave a comment on any post including the words “funlugha giveaway” and I’ll take note and hopefully good things will come your way. You can also leave a comment on my facebook page or on twitter-the more comments the better. Remember blog subscribers only. Winners will be announced after the WC of cuz-goodluck! (And may Afrika finally win the best team win!)

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    Happy Birthday

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