Lady Jay Dee’s ‘Siku Hazigandi’

This is undoubtedly Tanzania’s top female singer and one of East Afrika’s finest-makes me proud to be associated! ‘Siku Hazigandi’ roughly means days (or life in general) does not remain stagnant as in it keeps moving. So basically whatever haters say about her it will all pass eventually-cool message! And RIP to Albert Mangwair, Tanzania’s finest rapper, lala kwa Amani kaka…

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4 Responses to Lady Jay Dee’s ‘Siku Hazigandi’

  1. Judson says:

    Lady Jay Dee& – cool

  2. lisensei07 says:

    Yep! Very cool-Anaconda!

  3. mbambu shamim says:

    meaning of siku hazigandi

  4. fun~lugha says:

    Is that a question love? If so I’ve already explained it on the post, unless it wasn’t clear? Let me know & thanks for dropping by.

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