Leo tujifunze lugha teule ya Kiswahili!

I came across the below list on social media titled as seen above. Basically it was challenging Swahili speakers like myself to see just how much proper Swahili we knew and used in our everyday vocabulary. I confess I only know a couple of words out of the whole list, mostly because most of the time it’s easier to just use the English equivalent especially for new-ish technology. There’s 39 names in the full list so we’ll do ten each time, give you a chance to memorize. Enjoy!

1) Password – nywila 

2) Juice – sharubati

3) Chips – vibanzi

4) PhD – uzamifu

5) Masters – uzamili

6) Degree – shahada

7) Diploma – stashahada

8) Certificate – astashahada

9) Keyboard – kicharazio

10) Scanner – mdaki

Hand on heart, how many did you already know? Me, 3 (hides face in shame!!!)


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