LESSON #49: The 4 seasons (majira)

  • Winter………….
  • Spring…….
  • Summer………..
  • Autumn/Fall…………

Click the link below to listen to the Swahili names of these four seasons as well as a little explanation behind some of the names…….

Episode 39: The 4 seasons in Swahili.


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4 Responses to LESSON #49: The 4 seasons (majira)

  1. boga says:

    you are really using this in east africa? i tought that the swahili are only using kianganzi (kipindi cha joto?) and kipindi cha mvua… the other words seem like short description what is happening (like fall:” time of the falling down of the leaves) Perhaps this comes from the fact that in ancient times there have been no words needed for the seasons because next to the equator, there’s just raind and dry season

  2. boga says:

    would be good to see the seasons written…

  3. lisensei07 says:

    ha ha! As always you make the most valid of points! But no, my idea here was to just teach people the Swahili translations of these 4 main seasons that most people are familiar with. I wasn’t really talking about E.Afrikan seasons in particular, just generalizing.

  4. lisensei07 says:

    I used to do that and I still do but my reasoning is that, what’s the point of the audio file then? Would you rather learn how to write or say something? Cuz most people just read new words and don’t bother with learning how to pronounce them and am just like, how do they do that?! I think speaking is more important than writing and that’s why I put emphasis on audio lessons but yeahs point taken, akhsante sana!

    and as for your request:
    kiangazi, majira ya majani kupukutika, majira ya baridi, majira ya machipuko

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