LESSON #63: Je, wajua? (#8)


You must be familiar with the popular family game, ‘jenga’ as in the tumbling blocks. Funny enough I had my first taste of the game today as that’s how I spent my afternoon, playing solo as usual- story of my life!

But the point of today’s ‘je wajua’ is, did u know ‘jenga’ is a Swahili word? It basically means ‘build’ which is of course the whole point of the game, when you are not taking it apart that is! I was busy explaining to a student what the verb meant and he suddenly had a flash bulb moment and realised that’s how this game acquired its name! (Thanks J, would have never known!) So if you still had any doubt about just how international Swahili is then there’s your answer!

First attempt….


My best attempt-24/48!


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2 Responses to LESSON #63: Je, wajua? (#8)

  1. Anonymous says:

    je wajua meaning you know

  2. lisensei07 says:

    More like “do you know?”

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