LESSON #67: Methali…#6

Kutoa ni moyo si utajiri

This methali rang very true for me last week on my way to Mombasa. First off the literal translation is: ‘giving is heart not wealth’. Which just means that you don’t give because you are rich, rather because you are generous enough to share whatever little you have with someone else. 

So here I was on my way to Mombasa via Tanga when our bus broke down just 2 hours shy of reaching Tanga. Long story short we ended up in another bus but of course there were no seats for us hence we had to stand for the two hours until most people got off at Tanga. I was mad tired having just come off a 12 hour flight a couple of days before but knew there was nothing I could do but endure the pain. Out of the blue, this lady  motions to me to squeeze in with her and her young daughter. I thought  I was hearing things!  Before I knew it I  was sitting down, albeit one-butted (with no complaints whatsoever!) and 2 hours later my misery ended. I was really grateful and was thinking of a way to say asante and just show how much her kind act meant to me. I settled on paying for their meal once we got to the rest stop but she firmly refused although eventually she felt bad for me and said, ”just buy her a soda then,” referring to her daughter. Again she proved to me that all she did was out of the goodness of her heart, nothing to do with expecting anything in return, bless her! (but then again Tanzanians aren’t called ‘wakarimu‘ for nothing) .

This all reminded me of the movie about paying it forward and Í can’t wait to perform a similar kind deed whenever I can. Didn’t even get to ask her name but if you ever read this, kind lady and daughter, I am forever indebted. Nashukuru sana.

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