Lesson #69: Ipi ni ipi?…#11

Neno: unga

This word is both a noun (nomino) and verb stem (shina la kitenzi)

1. Flour-as in the one we use to cook ugali, chapati, maandazi etc with

2) Join- as in 2 or more things together

3) You know when you are cooking stew and you fry onions, tomatoes etc before putting in the meat, veggies etc, we call this ‘kuunga mboga’ (mboga simply meaning side dishes or just vegetables) Am sure there’s an English word for this process but my English skills have gone and failed me today!

4) This thou shalt absolutely not quote me on, like ever! It’s a slang word in TZ meaning powder, you know like the one that gets you hanged in China if you are ever caught with (thumbs up to China btw!) Yeahs remember, no quoting me, promise?!

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