LESSON #83: Doing the Math in Swahili (yikes!)


Yeahs considering this particular subject and I don’t get along, even am surprised by this post! Last time I learnt Maths in Swahili was close to 20 years ago-just keep that in mind!
There’s no structure to this just me throwing around some Maths related words your way and if anybody finds them useful…you are welcome!

  • Maths- hisabati

  • Square- mraba

  • Rectangle- mstatili

  • Triangle- pembetatu

  • Circle- duara

  • Line- mstari

  • Diagonal- ulalo

  • Count- hesabu
  • %  asilimia
  • . nukta
  • =  sawasawa
  • ( )  mabano

  • ÷  gawanya
  • ×  zidisha

  • +  jumlisha

  • –  toa

And so you end up with MAGAZIJUTO (BODMAS)

Pretty cool huh? Anyways was this helpful? We got loads of foreign engineers, architects etc constructing roads and buildings so I figured this they may thank me for…or maybe not, what do I know about those fields?! Till next time, peace!

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