LESSON #85: Kupiga…

The verb kupiga can be used in combination with different nouns to mean many things. The verb itself means to hit or beat.


The list is pretty much inexhaustible so here’s a couple of phrases:

  • Kupiga mswaki  

    – to brush one’s teeth

  • Kupiga simu 

    – to make a phone call

  • Kupiga kelele 

    – to shout/scream

  • Kupiga domo – to talk (and talk, and talk…)
  • Kupiga makofi – to clap
  • Kupiga ngoma 

    – to beat/play drums

  • Kupiga mluzi 

    – to whistle

  • Kupiga hodi 

    – to knock (at someone’s door/house)

  • Kupiga msasa 

    – to smoothen wood with sandpaper, etc

  • Kupiga randa 

    – to plane (wood)

  • Kupiga ramli 

    – to fortune-tell from markings on sand

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