LESSON #88: Swahili Sounds…#3 (“mb-” & “mw-“)

Moving on from lesson #81 (“dh-” sound), let’s look at two of m- combination sounds that may give Swahili learners a bit of a headache.

i) mb-
This sounds the same as in the English words remember, December, number  etc.

So you get mba – mbe – mbi – mbo – mbu

And Swahili words like nambari, embe, mbio, mboga, mbu na kadhalika (etc)


ii) mw-
I believe this sound doesn’t exist in English (ready to stand corrected of course).

You get mwa – mwe – mwi – mwo – mwu

And Swahili words like mwanadamu, mwezi, mwizi, mwongozo, mwuguzi na kadhalika.


So now you’ve learnt 4 important Swahili sounds plus of course the vowels hence your pronunciation has no business being mediocre still, you should have been upgraded atleast about 20-30%?!

Till next time…

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