LESSON #93: World Cup must know vocabulary…

The world cup fever is well and truly on. So to help you enjoy the whole experience with locals as opposed to sitting at home cheering all by yourself (like me currently watching Holland vs Mexico), I’ve compiled a couple of words and phrases that you’d find useful.

  • Mpira – ball
  • Goli (magoli)  – goal/s
  • Mechi – match
  • Kipa – goal keeper
  • Mchezaji (wachezaji) – player/s
  • Mshambuliaji  – striker
  • Refa – referee
  • Shabiki (mashabiki) – fan/s
  • Shangilia – celebrate
  • Mpira unaanza saa ngapi?/ Mechi inaanza saa ngapi? – when does the match start?
  • Bado dakika ngapi? – how many more minutes left?
  • Mpira umeshaanza?/ Mechi imeshaanza? – has the match started?
  • Tumefunga!  – we’ve scored!
  • Tumeshinda  – we’ve won!
  • Dah! Tumefungwa bwana – – it’s a pity, we’ve been beaten man!
  • Tumeshinda kwa magoli xxx kwa xxx  – we’ve won by xxx to xxx goals
  • Bila –  nil
  • Moja, moja  – 1-1
  • Moja, bila – 1-0
  • Bila, bila –  0-0

So yeahs, no more excuses you’ve got about an hr and a half to go out there and cheer on whichever team you’ll be supporting. As for me am gonna enjoy Holland’s win but hope they are in no way responsible for taking out either Nigeria or Algeria in the future -#goteamafrika!

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