Mimi ni Mzalendo! (Buriani Madiba)


I’m in a patriotic mood all thanks to our dear ‘Presidaa‘ Mr. Kikwete a.k.a. JK.  Granted I ain’t his biggest fan or his party for that matter but I gotta say I was impressed with his speech at Madiba’s funeral-kudos to the writer and his delivery of cuz! Thought he’d be upstaged by the very charismatic President Banda or the even more charismatic former president Kenneth Kaunda (bless his witty soul!) but our JK certainly held his own. And Kaunda referring to him as ‘that young man from Tanzania’-priceless!

And back to Madiba, the man shall be greatly missed, if only our leaders paid tribute to him with their actions rather than mere words, Afrika would be headed where no one has even dared to dream of! Mungu Ibariki Afrika!

 Buriani Madiba!



Kama haya maneno yalikupita, ‘usikonde’ (if these words ‘passed you by’, worry not):


  • Presidaa– slang for president
  • Mimi ni mzalendo– I am a patriot
  • Mungu Ibariki Afrika– God bless Afrika
  • Buriani Madiba-farewell Madiba (buriani is the special goodbye reserved for those who’ve departed.)
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