What’s it in your language…#8



“Heri kukosea kujenga nyumba kuliko kukosea kuoa”

(shout outs to http://www.itsdar.net)

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2 Responses to What’s it in your language…#8

  1. madebe says:

    Oh dear! Sasa nitafanyaje? Sijajenga nyumba na pia sijafunga ndoa.

    Marriage is more important than building a house or maybe, better to make a mistake building a house than making a mistake when marrying.

    … Nyumbani bila upendo sio nyumbani.
    Marafiki wa kweli ni dhahabu

  2. lisensei07 says:

    Ha ha! Madebe we mhuni sana lols just be extra cautious when going about the business of finding that special someone and am sure you won’t spend the rest of your life wishing you’d mucked up your house instead 😉

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