Learning Resources…

A list of resources that I myself have used time and again and can testify to their awesomeness. Know of anything to add to the list? Do share…

KamusiGOLD- The Kamusi ProjectI’ve recommended this website to every one of my students and I also keep it open whenever am preparing lessons or even teaching, just in case am asked something I can’t remember (or I don’t know-gasp!) I always turn to this, it’s never let me down! It’s an English-Swahili dictionary as well as a Swahili teaching resource with all the important topics for learners of all levels.

Pauker.at: I’ll just quote my good friend Nico who suggested this to me (asante sana)-it’s very useful for German speakers.

…you may add the following kamusi kwa wale wanafunzi wanaotoka ujerumani. Best one in my opinion next to Kamusi.org and – according to their own stats – around 98000 entries… 

Simplified Swahili (by Peter M. Wilson): Someone gave me a pdf version of this awesome book (thanks Duncan) and it’s literally been my Swahili Bible since then. Lessons are very carefully thought out and the repeated use of certain words helps to learn and remember new vocabulary easily. It’s an old book and frequently uses old school words and expressions which is a good thing for learners as the current Swahili can be a bit watered down. And if you don’t understand a word just flip to the back pages for the in-house kamusi (dictionary). By the way, if you ask me really nicely, I may just be able to share my soft copy with you!

Book Box: There’s plenty of Swahili video stories on youtube but this one I especially recommend because it not only has stories translated into Swahili but other languages as well. It has subtitles you can follow and also use to find out what the story is all about, in the process learning new vocabulary etc.

Childrenslibrary.org: This is an online bookshop of some kind with plenty of soft copies of books in many different languages, not just Swahili. The Swahili titles include the very famous ‘Hadithi za Abunuwasi’ which is a must read for any story lover. It is essentially a children’s library but when it comes to learning a language that would actually be the best place to start.

KulManSam.comThis brother has a YouTube channel with loads of lessons as well as a website with plenty of different Swahili related info including, Swahili recipes-a winner in my book! And if you are a serious Swahili student am sure you already know and follow him.



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