LESSON #70: Please, Excuse me, Sorry & Thank you in Swahili

If you like me had a teacher that emphasised on the importance of these 4 phrases then you must know just how much weight they are given in any culture/language. I have touched on these previously but what I’ll be doing is telling you about their different variations as well.
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LESSON #42: The use of ‘ni’ in Swahili sentences

ni‘ can be used in different occasions and for different purposes. There are many other uses but here’s 3 of the most common ones:

  • To mean is (to be):
    • Chakula hiki ni kitamu kweli! (This food is really delicious)
    • Msichana huyu ni mrembo sana (This girl is very pretty)
    • Mimi ni mwalimu (I am a teacher)
  • To refer to the prepositions to, at or inside of :
    • Ninaenda nyumbani (I am going (to my) home)
    • Tulikutana sokoni (We met at the market)
    • Aliweka pesa mfukoni (S/He put money inside her/his pocket)
  • To address more than 1 person:
    • Asanteni na kwaherini(Thank you and goodbye)
    • Karibuni(Welcome!)
    • Ugueni pole(Get well soon!)

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