Dar Ice Cream Masters!

So am starting this new segment rightly titled maakuli na mapochopocho which simply refers to mouth watering, finger licking food & desserts and where to get them. I love my food, I think I spend more money going to nice restaurants and places selling food than buying girly things like bags and shoes-ideal woman hey?!! 😉 🙂 I know there’s plenty of foodies out there so this is especially for us! As I live in Dar and hardly ever get to travel outside the city, I can only talk about places in Dar, sadly.

Dar is certainly not lacking as far as places to eat are concerned-ni mfuko wako tu! Fast food chains have recently also started opening branches here and I can see us soon becoming an obese nation he he! (touch wood).

Today I went to Sno-Cream in the city centre. Boy does this place have history! Apparently they’ve been in business for over 50 years-they are as old as Tanzania is in fact! Funny enough I always used to hear people talk about it growing up but it’s only today, decades later, that I finally went to check them out. The place is small and cosy and also has an outside seating area. They have all sorts of sweet goodies-sundaes, shakes, even juices and hot drinks like drinking chocolate. I certainly am no fan of sweet things-I prefer salty, fried stuff, but once in a while I do like to indulge my sweet cravings, and they did me justice. I randomly ordered a coffee shake-yummy, refreshing, made just right. Forgot to take a proof shot but took a few shots of the actual place instead. Many people have very fond memories of this place-as can be seen on the walls.


So, if you are feeling naughty and looking to indulge yourself, then do visit this place next time you are in Dar-calories be damned!

Have you been to Sno-Cream? When’s the first time you ever visited them and what’s your favourite thing to get? Do share in the comments section below, cheers!