Free Swahili Lessons (happy birthday FL!)

Looks like Fun-Lugha will be a year old (yay!) in 2 days (or is that 1 day since its practically 12am in EA). So in true FL style we are celebrating with a couple of freebies-ok just 1 freebie actually! As usual it is the free Swahili lessons but this time the rules are changing a bit and for reasons best kept to myself (you can ask me privately if really curious!) I’ll only be offering this Read More

Heri ya siku yangu ya kuzaliwa!!!

So yeahs it’s that special day for me, another year older…only 21 I am (ha!)

My ‘dada‘ got me a ‘keki’ and brought it all the way from London but it didn’t quite survive the ‘safari‘ unfortunately and this is all we could salvage…….

BALIStill very grateful for yet another ‘mwaka’, nashukuru! ‘Inshallah‘, I’ll be doing a similar post next year.



(First person to tell me what those Swahili words mean might just score free Swahili lessons with me…say 5 intense hourly lessons?!!)