Happy 4th anniversary to funlughaswahili-long live!!!

So the website’s been down this past couple of days and I was getting really antsy trying to get my host to sort me out. Well they did and just in time for our 4th anniversary too-yay!

Can’t believe it’s been 4 years already like where did the time go?!! I remember sitting on my bed in my sister’s house in Glasgow and having to tell her to shush it cuz I was about to record another audio lesson-using her laptop! She would laugh-as all good sisters are wont to do, and I would always tell her this is what am gonna for work from now on! Sure enough 4 years down the line and I am so chuffed that this little Swahili teaching blog has led to the creation of the biggest language service provider database in the region, Fun-Lugha, which has also become my full time job-well done me ha ha!

So am hoping to keep continuing doing this for the next many years and get more and more people learning my beautiful language that is Swahili.

Asanteni sana & please keep coming back to ‘longa nami Kiswahili’


Heri ya mwaka mpya 2016!

Well it’s a bit weird saying this 4 months later but better late than never hey?!! My last post was on new years and the next one coming more than a year later is a bit concerning to be honest!

I’ve been away doing other things-language related. I still teach here and there but mostly I’ve been running my language services company, Fun-Lugha, that I started almost 2 years ago. I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing freelancers providing services to all sorts of clients, big and small.

But since it all started here, I figured it’s time i came back! Can’t promise I’ll be posting as regularly as I used to but post I will. If anyone has questions, topics they’d like covered, etc just hit me up and I’ll be sure to work on them.

funlughaswahili is back and this time I think its back for good!