LESSON #74: Hadithi, Hadithi…#4 (Digidigi Akitazama Ndani ya Maji)

Story (link):


Story (audio):

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LESSON #71: Hadithi, Hadithi…#3 (Fisi na Korongo)

Most of my students should be very familiar with this story. Hope you get the gist of it after reading the vocabulary and phrases and feel free to translate it and put it on the comments section and I’ll be more than glad to correct you.

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LESSON #45: Hadithi, Hadithi…#2 (Kisima cha Kwanza)

So I came across this animated story on youtube and figured I’d ‘borrow’ it and teach some vocabulary. (I do not own any of this material, all rights belong to BookBox).

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LESSON #35: Hadithi, Hadithi…#1 (Kiama cha Mkopaji)

Hadithi, hadithi” is the phrase most Swahili story tellers use when they start telling a story (‘hadithi’ just means story) & that’s why I named this segment just that.

Kiama Cha Mkopaji

Hapo zamani za kale palikuwa na mzee mmoja aitwae Kanyawi ambaye alihamia kijiji cha Ntenga kutoka Usambaani. Read More