Happy Birthday To Me!!!

It’s my birthday tomorrow-yay! So in the spirit of celebrating am offering to give away free soft copies of Swahili materials including the highly recommended Simplified Swahili by the famous Mr. Wilson!

There’s a catch though (of course there is!). Just wish me a happy birthday via the comment section (then I can pretend I am ‘oh so popular’ that total strangers are sending me birthday wishes he he!) and tell me briefly if and how this little blog has helped you in your Swahili learning journey and also what your favourite category (eg. random stuff, Swahili tunes etc) or lesson is. Also if you have any suggestions for improvements, future lessons etc you can include those as well. Do that and (in Oprah Winfrey’s voice) “you are ALL getting free Swahili learning materials!”

Let the celebrations begin!!!

Happy bday Elise