LESSON #101: Je, wajua? (#12)…The Lion King

(credit to animationsource.org & jenmasafaris.com)

Note: I haven’t watched the movie as much as many people have but I do remember a lot of memorable Swahili phrases and names which are on here. Of course I stand thoroughly corrected on some of the names, I pretty much borrowed the list from the cited sources above but I trust they are right on point. Any other movies with Swahili references that you can recommend? Let us know via the comment section below.

Motomoto– hot, fantastic

Simba– lion

Hakuna matata– no worries

Rafiki– friend

Pumbaa– slow witted, dumb

Nala- means gift

Sarabi– mirage

Kopa- (Simab’s son in a book series) means heart

Shenzi- means savage

Banzai- skulk or lurk

Kovu- scar

Zira- hate

Nuka- means stink

Vitani was originally going to be called Shetani which means devil. (although vita also means war and when you add ni it changes to at war)