Bongo Street Food…’chipsi-mayai’

Another weekend-yay! Am actually still kinda hungry having had a rather so-so dinner so posting about food was pretty much inevitable! First off, Bongo is the nickname given to my hometown, Dar es salaam, but most people use the name to refer to the whole country of Tanzania. So I’ll be introducing you to the most common dish you’ll find in the streets of Bongo. This is called ‘chipsi-mayai’, meaning chips and eggs. It’s normally made by first frying the chips and once they are done they are put in another smaller pan with very little oil then  a couple of eggs are beaten and poured onto the chips. The chips are flipped over for the eggs to cook properly and voila! ready to serve.

Most people I’ve met, particularly my next door cousins, the Kenyans, think this is the weirdest dish that was ever created but then they visit Bongo and by the time they get back home they are singing its praises! Chipsi-mayai can be eaten just as it is or you can also add what we call mishkaki (think sheesh kebab) as well as a type of salad we call kachumbari. This salad is made up of chopped cabbage, onions, tomatoes, carrots, green peppers and a sprinkle of lemon juice on top, tamu sana! I actually know a couple of people that live abroad who go hunting for chipsi-mayai the moment they land on TZ soil, it’s an incurable addiction I tell you!

And of course here’s a picture for that added visual effect…karibuni mlo!

chips mishkaki mayai