Kutoa ni moyo, si utajiri…

As I’ve said before this saying means giving is all about a generous heart and nothing to do with having deep pockets.

Keeping that in mind, my student and friend Astrid left for Kenya two weeks ago to work on a charity project she and some friends are involved with. She’ll be away for two whole months-making a big difference to the lives of some less fortunate little malaikas. The idea is to raise 33,000 USD to build a school and for that these guys are gonna spend 33 nights with 33 different families. To support them just give them 3 USD for each night. A crazy but totally brilliant idea!

If you’d like to join the cause, click the link for more info. Kutoa ni moyo, well done Astrid,  proud of you!


LESSON #67: Methali…#6

Kutoa ni moyo si utajiri

This methali rang very true for me last week on my way to Mombasa. First off the literal translation is: ‘giving is heart not wealth’. Which just means that you don’t give because you are rich, rather because you are generous enough to share whatever little you have with someone else. 

So here I was on my way to Mombasa via Tanga when our bus broke down just 2 hours shy of reaching Tanga. Read More