Hili joto hasira!


As the famous Tanzanian songstress, Lady Jay Dee sang, Dar is really hot, almost to the point that am beginning to miss Scotland in all it’s wet & cold glory 😉

And as am finally beginning to settle down I will be back to doing what I do best so a bit more patience will be duly rewarded-vuteni subira ndugu zangu!

Nimefurahi sana kurudi nyumbani, kama wasemavyo Waswahili, “nyumbani ni nyumbani hata kama kichakani”

Tuonane punde

Lady Jay Dee’s ‘Siku Hazigandi’

This is undoubtedly Tanzania’s top female singer and one of East Afrika’s finest-makes me proud to be associated! ‘Siku Hazigandi’ roughly means days (or life in general) does not remain stagnant as in it keeps moving. So basically whatever haters say about her it will all pass eventually-cool message! And RIP to Albert Mangwair, Tanzania’s finest rapper, lala kwa Amani kaka…