Mwaka mpya nao…

Well, heri ya mwaka mpya, happy new year to you all. We have quite a while to go before midnight here in Dar but we are praying the Good Lord will be kind to us once again! 2013 was the take off year for me and Fun-Lugha and 10 months down the line I gotta say I ain’t doing too shabby! Thanks to my readers, regular ones (I see you @Boga and @Joyce Keeley!) and the not so regular ones. And to my students, Read More

Totally random end-month post! (Miura Daichi)

It’s no secret that I’ve been a huge k-pop fan for some time now (and yes! I knew of and loved Psy before the whole Gangnam madness!) But recently my attention has been caught by one Daichi Miura, a fine live perfomer and a superstar in his own right (or atleast in my mind he is!) He’s been likened to MJ a number of times and for good reason as he somehow manages to sing and dance to live music and makes it look so darn effortless! My newest obsession for sure and considering that lately I’ve been endlessly singing along to his tunes my Japanese skills might just be about to experience some much needed improvement-watch this space!

(And the point of this totally random post is: if any kind soul has a recent DM concert DVD lying around and wouldn’t mind parting with it for say 20 quid? Please give us a shout and share the goodies! ‘Onegaishimasu!’ (90 degree bow!)

Daichi in action:

(And I just belatedly realized this is my 100th post-happy days! Here’s to a 100 more! Akhsanteni sana!)