Bridal Send-off party, Tanzanian Style!

Been a long time indeed, ila nimerudi tena. Been too busy, between making a living and frequent gym visits (aiming to lose 10 kgs by my birthday in July!) I haven’t had a minute to myself,nawaomba mniwie radhi kwa hilo!

Anyways I had a free minute yesterday and went to a sherehe (event/party) called a send-off, as in bridal send-off. It’s the last celebration before the wedding ceremony and this is all for the bride although the groom is invited as well but no one pays him much attention cuz it’s not about him-though you may argue since when was any part of the wedding about the groom?- I rest my case!

It’s basically when the bride’s family officially hands her over to the in-laws and of course there’s also loads of gifting going on to the bride and mother of the bride as well, just a little kudos for raising her daughter and stuff.

Anyways if you live in Tanzania you’ll come to learn that the final week before the wedding is mostly spent on sherehe. There’s the kitchen party (equivalent to hen party), then the send off, then the mkesha wa harusi and lately I hear men have started having stag dos (the actual name escapes me). So yeahs basically weddings are a big deal here (as they should be methinks) and for that reason we find any excuse to party right until the wedding day!

I took photos of cuz (hopefully no one sues me!)

Here’s two, enjoy!


The bride and guests shaking a leg-you know that famous wedding dance that African Americans have to perform at weddings? We used to call it shuffling, I don’t know what Americans call it.


The bride (in pink, in front) going to search for her groom amongst the guests-one of the highlights of the event, you get single men trying to woo her like are you sure you’d rather not have me? It’s a good laugh!