LESSON #65: Methali…#5

‘Mpanda ngazi, hushuka’

This methali’s literal translation is something like ‘he who goes up a ladder, comes down’ whose English equivalent would be ‘what goes up must come down’.

This kind of proverb would be used in a situation whereby a certain someone has it all and treats people however he wishes thinking he’ll always be in a superior position. But as you know life can be funny and chances are one day he won’t be in that position any longer, Read More

LESSON #52: In the bedroom (chumbani)


  • Bedroom- chumba cha kulala (vyumba vya kulala)
  • Bed- kitanda (vitanda)
  • Mattress- godoro (magodoro)
  • Bed sheet- shuka (mashuka)
  • Blanket- blanketi (mablanketi)
  • Pillow- mto (mito)…(hands up if u know the other meaning of ‘mto’!)
  • Pillow case- foronya
  • Wardrobe- kabati la nguo (makabati ya nguo)
  • Mirror-kioo (vioo)
  • Sleepwear- nguo ya kulalia (nguo za kulalia)

LESSON #17: Ipi ni ipi?…#1

Yet another brand new segment added to the fold! I’ll be discussing words that have double (triple, quadruple…….) meanings.

Word to learn:Shuka

Just what different meanings does this word have? Click either of the links below to find out…

EPISODE 17: Which is which…#1.