LESSON #100: Swahili names translated (majina kwa Kiingereza)

So back in lesson#73 we did English names translated so I figured, let’s do the opposite this time.  Unfortunately all my names are English ones (actually I understand Elise is French so lets just say both my names are foreign), but I can’t wait to name my future baby with at least one Swahili name-you’d better co-operate future hubby (shakes fist 😉

Here we go, if I left out anything just let me know via the comment section below. And of course when I remember a name I’ll just update the list (already updated a couple of names). Also am no expert on the genders so I stand corrected there.

Imani (m/f)– Faith

Amani (m)– Peace

Rehema (f)– Mercy

Neema (f)– Grace

Pendo/Upendo (f)– Love

Jumanne (m)– Tuesday…ok don’t laugh!! (fun fact, since Tue is shortened as J4 in Swahili, some ‘Jumannes’ are now nicknamed Jay Four!)

Furaha (m/f)– Hapiness

Tumaini (m/f)– Hope

Tunu (f)– Treasure, Precious, Rare…how about that!!

Lulu (f)– Pearl

Pili (f)– Second…no your eyes are not deceiving you!!

Tatu (f)– Third…yup!!

Chausiku (f)– of the night (or something along those lines so given to those born at night)

Bahati (m/f)– Luck

Waridi (f)– Rose

Wema (f)– Goodness, Virtue

Ramadhani (m)– Ramadan

Iddi (m)– Eid

Amina (f), Amin (m)– Amen…dead serious!

Uwezo (f)– Capability, Ability

Juma (m)– Week (a certain source also tells me it means ‘born on Friday’)

Kulwa & Doto (m/f)– these names are usually given to twins, Kulwa being the older one, no idea what triplets and the rest are called though! Usually they’d also have other names, these are just for ease of identification I suppose.

ps: It’s our 100th lesson, how about that?!! Applause! Applause!