Did u know…

Just sharing some random but interesting information. Did you know that Tanzania shares its national anthem with 2 other African countries? (You didn’t did you?!) It just so happens that we share the same melody (am not too sure about the lyrics) with the great countries of  South Africa & Zambia! Initially 2 other countries (Namibia & Zimbabwe) also used this song but they have since adopted new anthems. Not sure how that came about but if we are to call anybody a copycat it would have to be the other 2 as we officially sang our anthem in 1961, SA and Zambia on the other hand acquired their respective independences in 1994 and 1964. Easy to spot the copycats yes? Absolutely not!  Actually the original composer of this anthem happens to be one Enoch Mankayi Sontonga, a South African, who composed the tune waay back in 1897! Who’s the copycat now?! he he! Jokes aside though, this tune has been used all over Africa during independence movements so it can rightly and proudly be called Africa’s National Anthem.

(Fun thought: how cool would it be if at some medal awarding event a Tanzanian, South African & Zambian took to the podium and the national anthem played and they all very proudly put their hands over their hearts and sang together- cut to the crowd looking all weirded out!)

And here’s the TZ Swahili version together with the English translation of course (I spy lots of new vocabulary to be learnt- who said this was just a random post?!)