So here I am talking about one of the most common foods in East Africa, some Southern African countries like Zimbabwe and other places. Ugali (or Sima in some parts of Kenya and Sadza in Zimbabwe) is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t seen or eaten it so for now let’s go with the “ever reliable” wikipedia description: “ugali is a dish of maize flour (cornmeal) cooked with water to a porridge- or dough-like consistency”  (I did warn you it has to be seen to be understood!) Read More

Swahili Culture…

I thought I’d talk about the very fascinating culture that belongs to Swahili speakers. (mostly found in the Coastal areas of Tanzania & Kenya ). This is from my perspective as a Swahili speaker but not really a Swahili person. My dad actually comes from this beautiful mountainous place called Morogoro a.k.a. “Mji Kasoro Bahari” (The city minus an ocean). I shamelessly don’t speak my mother tongue and to be fair neither does my dad but it’s all good because half the people in Tanzania can’t speak their mother tongue, all they know is Swahili, thanks to our founding father Mwl. J.K. Anyways I do digress, on to the Swahili Culture… Read More