The ‘Askari Monument’ in Dar es salaam

If NY has the ‘Statue of Liberty’ and Paris has the ‘Eiffel Tower’ then Dar es salaam, in Tanzania has the very famous and easily recognizable ‘Askari Monument.’  (askari= soldier). This was erected in honour of the African soldiers that fought during WW1.  Apparently it’s also situated at a place that marks the exact centre of downtown Dar- cool! The ‘askari’s’ rifle also points towards the equally famous Dar es salaam Harbour.

In Swahili we commonly call the statue ‘Askari wa Mtutu’ (or maybe that’s just me, I don’t know! ‘mtutu’= barrel of a gun). The statue has been up since 1927 and I’m pretty certain it will continue to be for generations to come to keep reminding everyone of the brave soldiers that were our great grandfathers.  So next time you are in Dar, be sure to look out for it, you can’t miss it! (Click here to read more).

Askari Monument then…

askari monument then

Askari Monument now…

askari monument


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2 Responses to The ‘Askari Monument’ in Dar es salaam

  1. jahida says:

    . Here in the United States we don’t learn about the African fighters in world war 1 so it’s interesting to see the statue

  2. fun~lugha says:

    Very much agreed Jahida, if we don’t learn to write our own story…

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