Translation challenge #1…(swa-eng)

“Tanzania ni nchi iliyopo katika upande wa Mashariki ya Bara la Afrika. Nchi hii ilipata uhuru wake mwaka elfu moja mia tisa sitini na moja na rais wake wa kwanza alikuwa ni Hayati Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere ambaye daima tunamkumbuka kama baba yetu wa taifa. Mimi ni Mtanzania na ninajivunia kuwa mtoto wa Mwalimu.”

Just a little something particularly for intermediate/advanced learners. Feel free to ask for my assistance on the comments section-don’t email me privately please, let others learn something new too!

Kila la kheri!

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2 Responses to Translation challenge #1…(swa-eng)

  1. boga says:

    If you want to to try to translate by yourself, don’t read this:

    Tanzana is a country which lies in the eastern side of the african continent. This country was getting its freedom/independence in (the year) 1961, and the first president have been the “teacher” Julius Kambarage Nyerere which we will always remember like the father of our nation. I am a Tanzanian and I am very proud to be a children of the “teacher”.?

    Kila la kehri= good luck! ???

    is this translation correct like this? sometimes I have some problems to put the translation of swahili in the correct grammar, cause I was just learining by doing and I am more translating word by word right now…

    questions: hayati is belonging to his name, or is it a formal/respectful way to honor him or a title??
    mwalimu-teacher is a nickname of nyerere, isn’t it?
    from the word mtanzania, you are not able to say if this was said by a woman or a man isn’t it?

    Thanks for your help and thanks for the good idea to give your readers the chance to pratice their translation skills (piga mazoezi ni muhimu sana kama unataka kujifunza lugha)

  2. lisensei07 says:

    -…….this country got its independence in……
    -………and its first president was………
    -………whom we always remember as the father of our nation……..
    -……and I am proud to be a child of the teacher.

    Sorry the English teacher in me couldn’t help myself 😉
    You got the idea so broken your translation may have been but I could tell you understood everything. Heko!

    To answer your questions:
    ‘Hayati’ is the title given to a distinguished deceased person.

    ‘Mwalimu’ was his nickname in a way as he was actually a teacher before getting into politics but it’s also a way of respecting him as a teacher is considered a very important person in our society.

    ‘Mtanzania’ (or any other nationality) is not gender specific so you are right there.

    Will keep ’em coming for sure!

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