Translation Challenge #10… (eng>Swa)

(Goodluck with some of the vocabulary-we both gonna need it!) 😉

The Simpsons is an American sitcom that shows middle class lifestyle in cartoon form. The half-hour episodes take place in and around the fictional town of Springfield and make fun out of American culture and society.

Since the show started in 1989 the Simpsons have been broadcast over 500 times. This makes it the longest running sitcom in American television history. In 2007 a full-length movie, The Simpsons Movie, made over half a billion dollars.

The Simpsons has won many prizes, concluding the Emmy Awards. In the year 2000 Time magazine named it the best television series of the century and the cartoon characters of The Simpsons received their own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

The Simpson family consists of 5 main characters. Homer is the rather clumsy, beer-drinking father. He works at a nuclear power plant in Springfield and is married to Marge Simpson, a typical American middle class housewife. The couple has three children. Bart is a ten-year old who constantly gets into trouble. Lisa is a highly intelligent eight-year old who has become a vegetarian and a Buddhist. Maggie, the family’s baby, is often shown with a pacifier. The Simpsons have two pets, a dog named Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball, a cat.

Even though the series focuses around animated characters, many human celebrities have starred on The Simpsons in the past, for example, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Tom Jones or Mel Gibson.

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2 Responses to Translation Challenge #10… (eng>Swa)

  1. Jean Spencer says:

    Hi, I haven’t got the guts to tackle that translation, but I just wanted to thankyou for your blog. My nature is that I tend to be quite structured and like to know how grammar works and all its nuts and bolts. But, having come across your blog a couple of weeks ago, I have found it so interesting entertaining and informative about how people live in Dar, that it has been a real boon alongside the slog of working through Peter Wilson’s book. Much as I hate Bongo flava at 4am (or saa kumi ya usiku) blaring out of the bar (masquerading as a nightclub) behind us, I have found your explanations of the different genres fascinating, and during daylight or even well into the evening I have now become quite a fan! I also like that you teach kiswahili “as she is spoke” today, which, despite all the excellent qualities of Simplified Swahili, Peter Wilson doesn’t. And perhaps I’ll have the guts to get up and tell the nightclub in kiswahili cha mitaani to TURN IT DOWN! (the alternative of an old bibi like me bopping away doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Asante sana!

  2. fun~lugha says:

    Hi Jean, you are funny ha ha!
    Thank you so much for that, always love hearing what am doing is helping someone and for you to actually take the time to tell me that…ah tugs at the heartstrings!
    Asante tena & goodluck with the nightclub bar 😉

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